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    **Please click here to view an update on the renaming timeline from our AABE Board President, George Wilson.

    The name of our school has changed twice in its history. The first time, in 1976, when Lusher became a magnet school, Robert Mills was dropped from the school name, and the school became known as Lusher Alternative Elementary School. When Lusher once again blazed trails and became a charter in 2005, Robert Mills was once again not included in the school’s name. In fact, there are no references to Robert Mills in any charter documents. The name of the school was simply, Lusher Charter School, as it remains today. 


    On September 30, 2021, the Advocates for Arts-Based Education Board voted to rename Lusher Charter School and denounce any association with Robert Mills Lusher, a strong proponent of segregation. This is a significant decision in our school’s history, and we need to hear the voices of our faculty, staff, families, students, alumni and community. The Board hopes to decide on a name in November. This is a monumental change for our school, and we need YOU. 


    Everyone will have TWO opportunities to share input:

    1. School Name Nomination Form (October 15-25) – open to any name you wish to nominate which meets the criteria
    2. Short List Input Form (October 29-November 5) – select from a list of names submitted during this process and vetted by the study group


    Click the link below to view and vote on the finalists for our new name (click the Biographies tab above to learn more about the people who were nominated):

    Please email with any questions or concerns.

    Time left to submit your suggestions: