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    Special Education

    Lusher is a Type 3 charter school that is authorized by Orleans Parish School Board (OPSB). Beginning with the 2017-18 school year, Lusher Charter School is its own local education authority (LEA).

    Lusher recognizes the important role parents play in the education process. The success of any student’s program depends on the participation and commitment of all persons responsible for the student. A strong partnership between Lusher and the parents is essential. These links provide information in regard to a parent’s rights and resources for students with special needs and those with 504 plans.

    For specific questions regarding student support services at Lusher or if you have questions or concerns about the services your child is currently receiving, contact:

    Jeffrey S. Chenier, Ph.D.
    Director of Student Support Services

    For more general information about student support services and about disability complaint procedures, please visit the following links:

    Special Education Program Description

    Parent FAQ – Special Education in Charter Schools

    Louisiana’s Educational Rights of Students with Disabilities

    Louisiana’s Educational Rights of Gifted and Talented Students

    Information from the State Department Regarding Section 504

    Grievance Procedures under Section 504

    IDEA Complaint Procedures

    Student Discipline Policies, Procedures and Safeguards for Students with Disabilities

    Seclusion and Restraint Policy

    Cerebral Palsy Guide