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    Covid-19 Info

    Have a school-related Covid question not answered below? Please submit all questions here with your contact information and someone will contact you within 48 hours.

    Distance Learning
    How Can Families Help
    Mental Health Resources
    Free/Reduced Lunch-Grab and Go Meals
    • Cleaning Procedures - We will follow recommended enhanced cleaning protocols to ensure our buildings are cleaned and disinfected daily. Sanitation of high touch surfaces is scheduled throughout each day. Wednesdays will be reserved for deeper cleaning of spaces. The custodial staff is already hard at work maintaining a safe and healthy environment for staff electing to work on campus during distance learning. 
    • Visitors Policy - Parents are not allowed on Campus unless determined essential by the Administration. Vendors, visitors, and guests should avoid coming to the school unless it is deemed essential by the School Administration.  When approved by the School Administration, vendors, visitors, and guests must wear a face-covering or mask, wash or sanitize their hands upon entering campus, and practice social distancing by remaining at least 6 feet apart from staff and remaining in the School Administration approved area.
    • Lusher does not offer daily bus service.
    • No field trips will be held during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • Athletics are suspended currently.
    • Once that suspension is lifted, we will follow the procedures outlined in the “Strong Start” document for distancing, capacity, hand sanitizing and cleaning. We will follow the recommendations per phase, as outlined in the document.

    Attendance and Daily Student Connection Plan

    Parents should email the following staff members with attendance information: (Lower school) (Middle and High School)

    Student Feedback/Grade Reporting
    Additional Resources
    • NOLA-PS Parent Resources: New Orleans Public Schools has a resource guide for parents related to its Roadmap to Reopening. It is available here.
    • State FAQs: The Louisiana Department of Education has prepared its own FAQs document as part of the Louisiana Strong Start 2020 plan. It is available here and is continually updated. The site addresses general questions, as well as questions concerning athletics, facilities, symptom monitoring, environmental cleaning and personal hygiene, as well as teaching and learning best practices, among other topics.
    • In addition, contact the Louisiana Office of Public Health’s coronavirus general information line with any other coronavirus-related questions at 1-855-523-2652, Monday through Friday, 8am to 4:30pm.
    • CDC FAQs: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has an FAQs resource page here for health-related questions.


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