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    Faculty and staff

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    Photo of Alexis Marceaux
    Alexis Marceaux In-House Substitute Teacher
    Photo of Andy Marchal
    Andy Marchal HS Student Support Coordinator
    Photo of Trena Marsalis
    Trena Marsalis Instructional Assistant
    Photo of Jackie Martin
    Jackie Martin ESL (K-12)
    Photo of Richard Martin
    Richard Martin MS Theatre
    Photo of Julie Mathas
    Julie Mathas Aftercare/Lagniappe Director
    Photo of Kathryn Matherne
    Kathryn Matherne Choral Music
    Photo of Jennifer McCormack
    Jennifer McCormack 2nd Grade Teacher
    Photo of Sean Mccrea
    Sean Mccrea Stagecraft
    Photo of Ronda Moore
    Ronda Moore HS Assistant Principal
    Photo of Kara Morris
    Kara Morris Speech-Language Pathologist
    Photo of Kelly Mueller
    Kelly Mueller Visual Arts
    Photo of Eva Munt
    Eva Munt Special Education K-5
    Photo of Janine Murry
    Janine Murry Elementary School Assistant Principal


    Photo of Megan Neelis
    Megan Neelis Arts Coordinator
    Photo of Jessica Neibart
    Jessica Neibart Elem. Math Interventionist
    Photo of Shera Neikirk
    Shera Neikirk In-House Substitute Teacher


    Photo of Adrian O’keefe
    Adrian O’keefe Teacher, Physics
    Photo of Claire Ory
    Claire Ory Dean of Students
    Photo of Laura Owen
    Laura Owen Intervention
    Photo of Matthew Owen


    Photo of Daniel Perez
    Daniel Perez 5th Grade Teacher, Soccer Coach
    Photo of Myrna Phipps
    Myrna Phipps Custodian