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    Faculty and staff

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    Photo of Brenda Fitzpatrick
    Brenda Fitzpatrick Academic Counselor
    Photo of Therese Fitzpatrick
    Therese Fitzpatrick 1st Grade Teacher
    Photo of Georgia Flynn
    Georgia Flynn 4th Grade Teacher
    Photo of Eric Flynt
    Eric Flynt IT Coordinator
    Photo of Melodie Franklin
    Melodie Franklin 6-12 Librarian


    Photo of Greta Garner
    Greta Garner HS Special Education
    Photo of William Gillispie
    William Gillispie HS Social Studies
    Photo of Rebecca Glasco
    Rebecca Glasco 5th Grade Teacher
    Photo of Charles Green
    Charles Green Custodian
    Photo of Eileen Guillory
    Eileen Guillory 7th Grade Social Studies


    Photo of Erika Hahne
    Erika Hahne School-Home Liaison
    Photo of Michele Hallinan
    Michele Hallinan K-5 Librarian
    No Photo Available
    Photo of James Hausman
    James Hausman K-5 Strings Teacher
    Photo of Charlene Hebert
    Charlene Hebert MS Principal
    Photo of Kendra Henry
    Kendra Henry MS Assistant Principal
    Photo of Hunter Higgins
    Hunter Higgins Social Studies, Basketball Coach
    Photo of Mamae Hingle
    Mamae Hingle K-5 Visual Arts Teacher
    Photo of Michael Hoarty
    Michael Hoarty Social Studies, Basketball Coach
    Photo of Soraya Holbrook
    Soraya Holbrook 5th Grade Teacher
    No Photo Available
    Tirus Holliday Part-Time Custodian
    Photo of Madeleine Hollier
    Madeleine Hollier HS Foreign Language
    Photo of Casey Hurstell
    Casey Hurstell 4th Grade Teacher


    Photo of Frank Israel
    Frank Israel Executive Director of Operations & Development


    Photo of Paul Jacob
    Paul Jacob 8th Grade Math