Lusher Charter is in partnership with Tulane University.

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    The Media Arts Department will be presenting the 12th Annual CAMALS student film festival on Tuesday, May 17th. The fest will be held at 7pm at Le Petit Theatre. Click this link to buy your $10...

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    For most grades,  Lusher Charter School (The Willow School as of July 1), enrollment will be full but we anticipate openings in some grades.  Please complete this form if you would like to receive notice of openings in your child’s grade.  We will contact you with instructions on how to proceed if spots become available in that grade.

    Click here to view our 2020 Annual Publication for a full overview of Lusher’s program (for the 2019 Annual, Click here)

    Admissions Overview

    “The Lusher combination of strong academics, the arts and athletics helps develop a community where the words ‘family’ and ‘kindness’ mean something. The strength of this community is multifaceted. It builds connections among parents, students and teachers. Its force is palpable at any school event.”

    — CEO Kathy Riedlinger

    “To me Lusher is family and community. It’s a place to be challenged, be your best, and be lifted up and cheered. It’s a place for hard work and lots of fun. It’s a place for my children to plant roots and grow branches.”

    — Samantha Guichet, parent

    Lusher Charter School, a National Blue Ribbon School in partnership with Tulane University, offers a unique program that inspires imagination and intellectual curiosity. Lusher’s renowned academic program engages students and challenges them to think critically, analytically and creatively.

    Lusher students are engaged, inquisitive, creative and caring.

    Lusher has mastered the challenge of balancing a strong academic program with student well-being. At the center of this balance is the school’s focus on student interests and talents. Lusher has a unique curriculum founded on a concept of arts integration which weaves the arts into all of our classes. The school has a rigorous academic program, with accompanying higher expectations.

    The school believes strongly in the power of combining critical thinking skills and creativity to prepare its students for a successful academic future and to help them develop and grow into adulthood. All students from K-12 are offered a superior arts program that includes all of the art forms. Lusher also offers an outstanding athletic program in grades 5-12.

    With an excellent academic program that earns millions of dollars in scholarship funds for its graduates each year, Lusher has something special for every child, whether that be engineering, creative writing, violin, chess, football or dance.

    Kindness, hard work, responsibility and respect

    A key tenet of Lusher culture is Project Pride, which emphasizes the core values of kindness, hard work, responsibility and respect. From their very first days in kindergarten, Lusher students learn that the number one rule is to be kind, and this core value is deeply embedded throughout the K-12 program.

    Lusher Charter School was designated a 2018-2023 Exemplary School by Arts Schools Network, the nation’s largest professional membership organization of specialized arts schools. This honor signifies that Lusher has successfully completed a self-evaluation in the following areas: strengths, areas for improvement, consistency with school-wide or program purposes, aspirations and future challenges.

    Thank you for your interest in Lusher Charter School. We encourage you to explore our website to learn more about Lusher’s highly recognized K-12 program.

    Come back frequently and visit us virtually to learn more about our unmatched program.