Lusher Charter is in partnership with Tulane University.

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    Amaris Lewis is still making headlines as she starts her first year at Stanford. After winning 1st prize and the Grand Award at New Orleans' Science Fair during her Junior year, and being offered...

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    Educational Overview

    The education program at Lusher Charter School is embedded in the strong tradition of the uptown university community, academic excellence, commitment to the arts, and appreciation of the rich cultural heritage of the neighborhood. It is grounded in a triad of high academics, intense arts programming, and a robust high school athletic program.

    Our curriculum is data-driven, student-centered and vertically aligned from grades K-12. The rigorous content of our coursework support student’s proficiency in higher order thinking skills such as: analysis, inference, critical judgment, evaluation, problem solving and creativity. Our state of the art classrooms support technology integration to prepare students with 21st century skills.

    Lusher’s outstanding, highly qualified, certified faculty offer a balance of traditional teaching with innovative classroom practices ensuring that every learning environment is appropriate for each of our highly motivated, high-achieving students.

    Formative and summative assessment systems and our positive school culture support each student’s ability to achieve as a learner, a person, and a valuable member of our society.