Lusher Charter is in partnership with Tulane University.

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    Lusher Senior and CA Visual Arts student Jacob Arroyo just finished painting a giant new mural on the side of Dat Dog's Freret Street location. From this WDSU article: It's the culmination of a...

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    No Photo Available
    Bonita Abadie Teacher of the Visually Impaired/Blind
    Photo of Annalee Abell
    Annalee Abell 7th Grade Math
    No Photo Available
    Therese Alexander Support & Appraisal Liaison
    Photo of A.J. Allegra
    A.J. Allegra Musical Theatre
    No Photo Available
    Ralph Alvarado MS Computers
    Photo of Michelle Andrews
    Michelle Andrews Office Manager
    Photo of Katharine Archer
    Katharine Archer Foreign Language and Swim Coach
    Photo of Brian Ary
    Brian Ary 7th Grade ELA
    Photo of Susan Ary
    Susan Ary 6th Grade ELA
    Photo of Wiley Ates
    Wiley Ates Administrative Support


    Photo of Gian Balsamo
    Gian Balsamo Student Billing & Retirement Manager
    Photo of Kayla Balsamo
    Kayla Balsamo 2nd Grade Teacher
    Photo of Rhonda Balsamo
    Rhonda Balsamo 3rd Grade Teacher
    No Photo Available
    Ryan Balsamo Kindergarten
    Photo of Julia Bates
    Julia Bates Kindergarten Teacher
    Photo of Joel Bein
    Joel Bein Symphonic Band Director
    Photo of Becky Bell
    Becky Bell Admissions
    No Photo Available
    Jared Billings Media Arts
    Photo of Michael Binder
    Michael Binder MS Social Worker
    Photo of Gloria Bingmon
    Gloria Bingmon Senior Accountant
    Photo of Geraldine Boesch
    Geraldine Boesch 2nd Grade Teacher
    No Photo Available
    Photo of Darcy Boye
    Darcy Boye Lagniappe Director
    Photo of Keith Bravo
    Keith Bravo 8th Grade LA History
    Photo of Dana Brewer
    Dana Brewer K-5 Dance Teacher