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    On March 17th, Lusher Sophomore Kelly Yu was named the winner of the Crazy Ideas Statewide Challenge. Her foreign language app, Moshee, won 1st place - a $10,000 scholarship for her and $5,000 for...

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    Photo of Gian Balsamo
    Gian Balsamo Student Billing & Retirement Manager
    Photo of Kayla Balsamo
    Kayla Balsamo 2nd Grade Teacher
    Photo of Rhonda Balsamo
    Rhonda Balsamo 3rd Grade Teacher
    Photo of Julia Bates
    Julia Bates Kindergarten Teacher
    Photo of Joel Bein
    Joel Bein Symphonic Band Director
    Photo of Becky Bell
    Becky Bell Admissions
    Photo of Allison Belmont
    Allison Belmont 3rd Grade Teacher
    Photo of Michael Binder
    Michael Binder MS Social Worker
    Photo of Gloria Bingmon
    Gloria Bingmon Senior Accountant
    Photo of Geraldine Boesch
    Geraldine Boesch 2nd Grade Teacher
    No Photo Available
    Photo of Darcy Boye
    Darcy Boye Lagniappe Director
    Photo of Keith Bravo
    Keith Bravo 8th Grade LA History
    Photo of Dana Brewer
    Dana Brewer K-5 Dance Teacher
    Photo of Gina Brinser
    Gina Brinser 5th Grade Teacher
    Photo of Denise Brown
    Denise Brown Custodian Supervisor
    No Photo Available
    Harold Brown Custodian
    Photo of Jessica Brown
    Jessica Brown Visual Arts
    Photo of Virgil Byers
    Virgil Byers Dean of Students