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    Whole-School Directory

    Forgotten homework? No more frantic searches for classmates’ phone numbers! In our ongoing effort to “Go Green,” Lusher has created an online, school-wide family directory.

    We now use the secure site, a partner to Volunteerspot, as the provider for this service. Only Lusher parents/guardians and Lusher staff and faculty will be able to access the site. It will be visible on smartphones and computers with a password access. The following information will be included in the directory: parent/guardian names, primary phone numbers and email addresses, student names, grade levels, teacher names, and teacher school email addresses. A link to the school calendar may also be included. Please do not assume that we have your opt-out preferences on file. If you do not want the above listed information to be included in the directory, please send an email to or send a note to the office.

    The directory is not to be used for solicitation; it is intended for school use only and will be a great way to reach out to other Lusher families.