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    Lusher Elementary has restarted it's annual Love Drops campaign! Our Love Drops project is a special Lusher activity started in 2015. Last week, the students wrote kind messages on small rocks....

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    Willow Podcast

    The Lusher Podcast is produced by the Podcasting Lagniappe class, at the Willow campus–better known as the “Pod Squad”.
    We’re working hard on our podcast for this year — watch this site for audio and photos!
    So far we’ve recorded Lusher’s own American Ninja Warrior competition, and we’re hot (cold?) on the trail of the famous ghost that haunts the Lusher building.
    Stay tuned!
    Meanwhile, check out the podcast from last year’s Pod Squad (2016-2017).  On this episode:   the playground lowdown on Four Square, with Lusher Lifer Jorge Rodas, an exclusive tour of the school building renovations with Ms. Rice (including an elevator ride!), and an interview with our new art teacher Ms. Hingle.  Plus two crazy segments of “The Kameron and Emory Show”, and everything you need to know about “dabbing” – from the kids who do it!
    Here’s last year’s Pod Squad (2016-2017):

    You can also check out the original Pod Squad (2015-2016) and their podcast:

    Last year, we interviewed Mr. Brett & Ms. Denise, visited the SongBirds with Alexis Marceaux, and picked up a few beats from Lagniappe Drums with Graham.  We also recorded “Mystery Sounds” all around the school, then quizzed the kids on the playground.  Plus, we asked students to tell us the best jokes, sing their favorite songs — AND we interviewed Mr. Perez about his rubber duckie collection.  It was a busy year!