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    Lusher Senior and CA Visual Arts student Jacob Arroyo just finished painting a giant new mural on the side of Dat Dog's Freret Street location. From this WDSU article: It's the culmination of a...

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    Willow Podcast

    The Lusher Podcast is produced by the Podcasting Lagniappe class, at the Willow campus–better known as the “Pod Squad”.   Here’s the current team!  (2016-2017).
    This year’s podcast can be found right here, shortly after the school year ends, in late May.


    In the meantime, check out the original Pod Squad (2015-2016) and their podcast:

    Last year, we interviewed Mr. Brett & Ms. Denise, visited the SongBirds with Alexis Marceaux, and picked up a few beats from Lagniappe Drums with Graham.  We also recorded “Mystery Sounds” all around the school, then quizzed the kids on the playground.  Plus, we asked students to tell us the best jokes, sing their favorite songs — AND we interviewed Mr. Perez about his rubber duckie collection.  It was a busy year!