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    Lusher Senior and CA Visual Arts student Jacob Arroyo just finished painting a giant new mural on the side of Dat Dog's Freret Street location. From this WDSU article: It's the culmination of a...

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    Street Online (Student Lit Mag)

    For years, Lusher’s Creative Writing program has produced two phenomenal, award-winning literary magazines (High School’s Street and Middle School’s Graffiti), which are both edited by Lusher students and feature the writing and artwork of Lusher students. Now, the CA Creative Writing program has also unveiled an online version of Street, which will be updated with new pieces throughout the year.

    Click here to visit Street Online

    From the About section of the website:

    This year, we are aiming higher. We’ll be updating street online monthly, and while we want to give attention to our Certificate of Artistry program where we have a great community of writers and a supportive teacher. We also want to encourage all students at Lusher to feel more than welcome to submit to this magazine. This programs fosters creativity and an inclusive community of writers.

    Thank you for taking the time to read and support street.

    Kindall Gant, editor of street