Lusher Charter School is in partnership with Tulane University.

Lusher Charter School


Partnering with Tulane University

Lusher and Tulane have had a long standing relationship. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Tulane and Lusher entered into a formal partnership. Tulane provided Lusher with $1.6 million to plan for reopening, and operating the elementary, middle, and high schools. In turn, Lusher opened its doors to children of Tulane faculty and staff.

This ongoing partnership allows Lusher students access to Tulane courses and resources such as the library and other facilities. In their junior and senior years, Lusher High School students are able to enroll in classes (at no charge!) on Tulane’s campus, graduating with both a Lusher diploma and Tulane transcript. Further partnerships include the development of a professional learning center for teachers, shared use of facilities, access to Tulane’s library, and help from Tulane’s architect and facilities manager in planning for the Fortier Campus renovations. In addition, a percentage of Lusher openings are reserved for children of Tulane faculty and staff who meet the admissions criteria.

Lusher is a professional development site for Tulane’s Division of Teacher Education, providing placement and training for teacher candidates in school classrooms and programs. Tulane’s Service Learning Department also places university students as tutors and aides for the school.

Other Partnerships

Lusher has also partnered with the following organizations and foundations:



LSU Coastal Roots Program